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Good news for Busworld!

04 March 2021

When you look through the negative covid-19 messages in the media and filter out the positive ones, you can see that the end of the tunnel is nearby. Both for the organisation of live exhibitions as for the coach tourism and long distance business. And that is double good news for Busworld Europe. 

Not only Busworld Europe goes live in October, other international B2B exhibitions are programmed to go live too, such as: Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona (Sep), Automechanika in Frankfurt (Sep), etc. Also smaller exhibitions are preparing for a live setting in the second half of the year.

The European Commision recommends that all Member States shall recognise travel to exhibitions as essential travel. (link to official document – page 11 point 11 last bullet point). Germany already supports this, the other countries will soon follow.


Business around the world is eager to start up again

Regarding the business of our stakeholders, the bus & coach manufacturing industry and the bus & coach operators, there are some very positive signals too. ‘Bus’ was less impacted by the covid-19 virus. The electrification process and both hydrogen and autonomous testing went on steadily. ‘Coach’ business on the other hand had almost dropped to zero. BUT, with the start of the vaccination campaigns however, coach operators sense a vivid interest of their customers to inform themselves and even make bookings. ‘We cannot take all the calls!’, we read in the trade press. Tourists around the world are waiting to be a tourist again. So it seems a very natural and logical reflex to start preparing the relaunch, for which October seems the ideal timing.

Of course B2B exhibitions CAN take place in October 2021

With all the precautions that exist today, it will be perfectly feasible to organise a B2B exhibition in the second half of the year. And it goes without saying, but we’re saying it anyway, that Busworld will make sure that all its exhibitors and visitors can do business and network in the safest circumstances. If shopping malls can organise this today, a B2B exhibition can certainly do this in October without any doubt and… much better.

It is Busworld’s duty and mission to organise its biennial get-together to encourage the whole industry to identify and focus on the revival of the industry and make the best come-back possible in the shortest amount of time.

We'll -the bus and coach industry- be back!


PS: do not believe any gossip. Busworld Europe 2021 will take place, LIVE!