Who we are

Streamax is an AI-powered safety and industrial management solutions provider for commercial vehicles. Founded in 2002, we are now a public listed company(stock code 002970) with over 2200 employees, 6 R&D centers, 3 factories, 24 subsidiaries and numerous offices worldwide, committed to further localize our businesses and services. In 2021, we hold the 1st place in global market share by Omdia Report. In the past 20 years, we have served more than 2.1 million vehicles worldwide. On top of traditional on-borad CCTV system, our active safety solution has features such as Driving Distraction Detect System, ADAS system, Blind Spot Detection System that contribute to decreasing traffic accidents and saving lives all over the world, and safeguarding fleets. Building a brighter future of transportation with technology, we believe that it is our mission to maintain safer, more efficient modern traffic from persistent technological innovation.