How to enter?

You will have access to the exhibitor portal with the e-mail address of the contact person of the registered exhibitor and a password you choose yourself.


What can you do in the exhibitor portal?

1. Webshop

Here you can order all kinds of services for your participation in Busworld: electricity, water, carpet, shell schemes, etc. All the items that have to be completed COMPULSORY are marked with *. Other items are optional.

Attention: your login details are linked to your invoice details. Meaning: all orders made through your account (by yourself, your stand builder or a subcontractor) will be invoiced to the exhibitor.

(=> Do not pass your login and password to third parties if the invoice should go to another company)

Stand builders who want to order services on their own account can contact us via e-mail (see bottom).

All services are provided by carefully selected partners. Parallel services provided by other companies will not be permitted on the campus of Brussels Expo. That means that you cannot bring your own supplier/material for the cleaning of your stand (during the show), fork lift, scissor lift, stand surveillance, suspensions, storage, …


2. Badges

The names for your exhibitor badges must be completed via the exhibitor portal. You will be able to print them beginning of October, provided that all your invoices are settled.


3. Practical and technical information

Here you can find all practical and technical information, safety regulations, build-up/pull-out schedules...


4. Floor plans

Here you can find all floor plans in pdf. For dwg, please contact the Busworld Services team.


5. Open amounts services

Here you will be able to find an overview of your unsettled invoices

(= only the invoices concerning the ordered services, not the invoices concerning your participation fee).


Any questions?

Please contact the person who's responsible for your hall: